Your Security: Linguistic and Practical Expertise in These Two Specialized Areas

Why this combination? Even sustainable and healthy products must be marketed – for this, you also need, among other things, information about the economies of the target countries… thus, I translate the following for you:


  • Economic reports and economic forecasts, business management to macro-economics – particularly with regards to sustainable business practices
  • Stock exchange reports
  • Business contracts

I regularly attend the economics/finance and legal continuing education courses offered by the BDÜ and am currently taking a course to become an export manager at DAVW (Deutsche Akademie für Verwaltung und Wirtschaft). So that you can fully exploit your opportunities in new markets.


Natural Foods/Raw Foods

  • Specialized translations in the areas of vegetarian/vegan nutrition, whole and raw foods 
  • Descriptions of the health-promoting effects of food and nutritional practices
  • Reports about the economic and social consequences of nutrition
  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Guaranteed quality through constant practical application, continuing education and research in this area

Learn everything about my specialized education and training here.